The Current Project

This is the titular Discarded Narratives piece.

Constructed from accumulated pill bottles, this artificial garden grows from the tension between necessary medicine and harmful plastic waste.

The leaves hold anonymous comments on what is left behind in the course of medicinal mental health treatment.

Respondents were asked to respond to one of the following questions:

  • What have you lost/let go of/left behind as you’ve received treatment?
  • What have you seen your friend/family member leave behind as they’ve received treatment?
  • What have you lost by not being able to receive meaningful treatment?

The responses are written on corresponding colors.

I wrote out each of the comments left through the online portal on a construction-paper leaf.
These were all of the comments submitted as of April 14, 2020, when I first attached leaves.

While I initially asked for responses of 5 words or less, which is why most are so concise, some respondents left more than 5 words, and I felt like it was more important to represent what they felt they needed to share than to stick to the 5-word limit.

Check the image captions for the original typed-out comments.

Hey look! It’s Maddy! Building stuff!